Colour your life with relationships

Colour your life with relationships

A new shade of happy

Johan Smith


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Take a few moments and reflect on some of the greatest highlights and some of the most precious moments in your life. The writer is convinced that most of these recollections have something to do with people, people with whom you enjoy a warm, quality relationship. Why is he so convinced? Because life is relationships. God’s DNA is love. He is the God of grace and community. This is who He is and what He does. It is part and parcel of the very nature of God to constantly share Himself with His creation and with all of us. In this wonderful book Johan Smith unearths deep biblical truths about the essence of relationships. He shows us that God is deeply relational, therefore, we need to follow in his footsteps and become passionate about his kind of relationships again. Johan guides us masterfully how to grow and nurture such relationships with God and others in this must-read book!


Johan Smith:
For more than 30 years, Johan Smith has been working with youth, teachers, parents, and families. He has penned over 30 books in the process with a specific focus on these groups of people. He addresses churches and schools throughout the country. His messages and discussions are aimed at parenthood, families, discipleship, depression, burn-out and spiritual growth. Johan has been a speaker at many conferences for both men and women. He has also presented numerous youth camps, youth weeks, and talks for young people at schools and churches. He enjoys giving motivational, inspirational and empowerment talks for schoolteachers and spiritual leaders. Johan is married to Helena, and they have 3 children. His grandchildren hold a special place in his heart. Johan can be reached at